Since their inception in the early nineties Swirl have built a reputation for ethereal, melodic pop.  The band released a string of early EP's on the Half A Cow label which culminated with the 1994 release of 'The Last Unicorn' album on Mercury/Half A Cow.  This was followed with wide spread touring including two tours of the States with releases on the New York based Dirt Records.

Late 1996 saw the release of the 'On My Own' EP which like its predecessor 'The Last Unicorn' received strong critical acclaim and national airplay on JJJ as well as on the American College Network.

1997 was a time of transition for the band with the amicable departure of Nicola Schulz (vocals, bass) and the addition of two new members Richard Anderson (bass, keyboards) and Keira Hodgkison (vocals, guitar).  The resulting lineup unleashed a wave of creative energy enabling the band to reinvent and redefine itself whilst still retaining its distinctive sound.  This metamorphosis has seen the band shed its indie tag and transform itself into the lush and sophisticated pop band that we find today.

The finely honed songwriting skills are evident in the newfound creative partnership between Ben Aylward and Keira Hodgkison and have inspired a prolific array of new songs including the new singles 'Gypsy Eyes' and 'Time'.